Our Story

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We’re two brothers who got tired of seeing more of the same bars at the grocery store: either lots of ingredients with strange names and empty promises, or just a few plain ingredients without so much as a hint of flavor.   

So, we set out to create something different. A 100% real food bar with bold and unique flavors that actually engage the palate and awaken the mind.

We don't use any fancy ingredients or have any trade secrets. We simply rely on 100% real herbs & spices to craft our flavors, and we use fresh dried fruit & nuts as natural sources of energy, fiber, and protein. 

Our name is Bazaar Bars because everything from the dried fruit to the nuts to the fragrant herbs & spices reminds us of the old-world markets where all of those ingredients have been traded for millennia. 

Clean eating shouldn’t be bland and boring. If you’re health conscious, ingredient-focused, and have an appreciation for big flavor, then grab one of our bars and start spicing up your snack stash today!