Our Story

We’re two brothers who got tired of seeing more of the same bars at the grocery store: either lots of ingredients with strange names and empty promises, or just a few ingredients without inspiration.  

We grew up eating dates, and it saddened us to see them being used in so many bars as nothing more than a filler, sweetener, or binding agent. What’s up with that?! Not to mention the fact that all of the bars started tasting the same after a while—a phenomenon we came to know as "flavor fatigue". 

So, we set out to create something different. An authentic date bar with a short and simple ingredient list, yet bold and unique flavors. 

We started experimenting in our kitchen, drawing on inspiration from our heritage and adding a bit of our own imagination.   

What we ended up with surprised us: a nutrient dense bar made with just a few ingredients, yet bursting with layers and layers of amazing flavors!

Thus, Bazaar Bars was born, inspired by the old-world markets where you can find all of the dried fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices that we use in our bars. 

Clean eating shouldn’t be bland and boring. If you’re health conscious, ingredient-focused, and you've had enough of the same old stuff, then grab one of our bars and start fighting flavor fatigue today!